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I’m wondering if this was suggested and discussed maybe, it would be great to see a feature where it’s possible (if user chooses to) see what game they are currently playing


This was previously implemented in TeamSpeak 3 as “application scanner” plugin and it would find running games by monitoring the system process list, if I’m not mistaken.

I know that Discord has this, but it requires constant work to add all known game executables to the list.

So, yes. That would be a neat “gimmick” but I’m not sure whether a small team like TeamSpeak has would be up to the task to maintain this feature for all eternity.

It would probably be wise to let the community participate in keeping the list up to date, maybe even on GitHub as it supports pull requests and doesn’t attract as many trolls as other options?


Sure there can be many different approaches, but the easiest and most reliable would be a “local library” where users can add installed games/programs themselves, something similar to adding a non steam game to steam

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This would require users to add games themselves. Not everybody will have the patience to do that. But it could be an additional option for adding games which are not yet known to the public library.

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