Disabling microphone when locking Windows


in TeamSpeak 3, whenever I lock my PC (Win Key + L) my microphone mutes automatically.
And since the day I am in the beta, I thought the behavior is the same here, in TS5.

Can someone explain why doesn’t it work now? Or are you telling me all the time I went “AFK” and locked my PC, people in the channel I was in could actually listen to everything I said?

And if it wasn’t ever in TS5, could it be please added?

Thanks in advance.


The TeamSpeak 3 Client is a complete different Client as the TeamSpeak 5. It has not the same Features and works totally different.

I am concerned about something different, if you re-read my topic.

I am not saying “it should be in TS5, because it was in TS3” or anything like that.
I am asking if:

  • it was in TS5, but got removed
  • it never was in TS5, and I never noticed
  • it could be added into TS5, for better privacy

Your answer gives me none of these. Just a waste of time on both sides.

Thanks for any replies, again.

My answer is topic related, you asked

And I said it’s not in there because its an OTHER client. If you would read my Post you would know that the Client itself has not similar Features and can be implimated later. Thats why the name is TeamSpeak 5 BETA and not TeamSpeak 5 Release and in the post your written I see no one of your points you listened above.

I have no idea why are you taking it out of context.

Because I thought that it WAS in the TS5.
As I can see, it probably never was though.

We are evaluating this and maybe in one of the next beta updates the feature will be there.

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