Do you think screen and camera sharing will be available in teamspeak 5


Do you think screen and camera sharing will be available in teamspeak 5 is released or in its next beta versions ? :thinking:

because if this is the case it would be perfect to replace Discord

(especially for computers that are starting to get old. Discord takes too much resources)

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Yes, of course

It obviously would be a game-changer for TeamSpeak and I think a lot of people would love that, but I don’t think it’s that easy to just implement camera-/screen sharing into TeamSpeak 5.

Yeah, we discussed this few times and majority of people liked this idea.

Hope that Devs will listen to us and add this some day as using two distinct pieces of software just to show something to someone feels kinda outdated.

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i hope so

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google did it, discord did it, skype did it, MSN ALSO, and even on TS3 I succeeded with a plug-in but unfortunately it no longer works. so why not also on TS5 :confused:

just be patient :smiley:


i think no, that will be 1/1 discord XD

DISCORD believes itself to be superior in terms of chat and voice client and file transfer, but TS5 in BETA version is better. :nerd_face:

TS does not prohibit if you change the interface.
And don’t ban plug-ins either (that’s why TS5 will continue to evolve without stopping!).

Discord also blocks the possibility of transferring files of 100mb it is very little (and in addition to that you have to pay to have a nitro account otherwise it is limited to 50mb).
On TS the only limit and the size of the disk on which and hosted on the server.

(and then we will not hide it we can put what we want on our TS server ^^)

All that to say that Putting 1200 € in a VPS with 1T for 1 year is worth the price!
Or even better you invest in a NAS at 1200 € and if you have the fiber it’s perfect lol

And say STOP to discord who cannot maintain bug-free servers for at least a week lmao :joy:

I dont get it why people always say: hm thats 1:1 like discord. Discord didn’t invented these features …

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