Download ts5 installer

hi everyone, i’m gonna change my pc so i was trying to find the link to download ts5 ut i can’t find it, could you help me?

You can get them on

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after I logged in teamspeak website, i just noticed in my control panel that I have the “Test Badge”
I also noticed that i am able to access the the link of beta website and i can download the installer.

There are instructions about how to install it? for example, it can works togheter with my ts3 or i must uninstall it before to install the ts5?

THank you very much for kind help

TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5 are fully independent.
Installing TeamSpeak 5 wont affect TeamSpeak 3 at all.
You can sync all your data through myTeamSpeak though.

The badge is the key btw.

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