Drop a link to file in filebrowser (chat and descriptions)

Otherwise how should i drag and drop a file to the chat window for someone to download it easily? Or am i blind and there is already such a function? :slight_smile:

In the chat it works, or what do you mean?

No sorry i meant before you could drag files from the filebrowser (inside TS) to the chat, that created a link to that file. Made it easier if you wanted to point other users to that exact file.

I get what you mean (changed thread title).
Yes it was helpful in TS3 to provide a clickable link for files.

Will forward this request.


Thank you very much and sorry for my late reply.

Any news on my topic? :wink:

In next client there is a Share URL in context menu.
That one can be posted in chats.

That’s all news i have.