Hello, i recently changed email, but i added one more letter so the verification was sent to another email.
Now its says that it is waiting for verification, but i can not verife it on email i dont own and i cant even chage it because it is waiting for verification. Is there any solution how i can change my email even though there is already one verification pending ?

Please create a Support Ticket for that.Click here to create a Support Ticket, they will help you. :slight_smile:

I fear you will just have to wait for the pending verification to expire. I’m not too sure right now, should be two or three days.

also think you’ll have to wait.
And, even if there are some issues, you can contact support. they answer quite quickly I can say ) I had problems with signing up and they helped me quite promptly and without extensive guidelines.
so, you can just email them and inform them in advance, so to say.