Error de TSDNS

Buenas estaba en el canal de unos amigos y cada vez que me quiero conectar me dice “ERROR DE TSDNS… No se pudo resolver el nombre del host” y mis amigos se pueden conectar sin problema… El canal es

Don’t wanna be THAT guy but:

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In addition to that I figure more people will be able to help you if you rephrase your post in english :wink:

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Huh, I wonder who’s

but whatever, cause here’s

translation that looks kinda accurate.

Hi, I was on the channel of some friends and every time I want to connect, it tells me “TSDNS ERROR … The hostname could not be resolved” and my friends can connect without problem … The channel is

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@Josue2020 can you provide more information:
Operating System version
App Version
Were you using Mobile (3g/4g/5g), WiFi or other

@_ニャー_3 thanks for the translation

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