Even when using IPv4 still cannot connect


Maybe the server is offline? Or a firewall issue? provide more information please


The server is online and the firewall is allowing it!

does the query connection work?

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Can you send the commands to add them to an IP table?

And how do i check if the server and virtual server are running?


You can check, for example and simplicity by using yatqa and connectiong to serverquery with username serveradmin and the password you had when you first started the server or reset it

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Still does not work. image

Are you using the latest (and unmodified) version of the server?
Is your license valid?

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ts3 is running
Its not OVH is Clovux
IP tables is enabled
UFW has the ports setup anyway.


I think
I might have to update not sure!

Which version are you using?

How do i check>

for example you can check the changelog file, go to the server directory and view the first lines that say the latest version

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Server Release 3.12.0 31 March 2020