Failed Connect


which operating system are you using?

Windows 8.1

on the website can you log in to your account?


ok , try the following:

-run the ts as administrator
-clear cache


I tried to get this error after a certain time after logging into my account. I am sure that you will do it again. If I get the same error after a certain time [10 minutes and 20 minutes], I will comment under the subject again.

Sorry if I have a writing error I wrote as google translation.

did you try uninstall the ts3 and reinstall with the latest installer?

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I even formatted :slight_smile:


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There is no mistake right now but as I said, I get an error after a certain time

after these steps if it still doesn’t work then there will be a network problem, i think…
sorry but suddenly that’s all .

update: one more thing: this topic probably moved here, becouse its ts3 and not ts5 clinent

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I do not have any problems on the internet, I will inform you about the situation again thank you for help

Sorry if there is a typing error, I wrote as google translation.

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np, your welcome

The myTeamSpeak server are constantly under heavy load and seem to fail regularly atm. Not sure what causes this but every few minutes you get an cloudflare 500 error on thus it seem like the server crashes or is just overloaded. I would guess this could cause login problems with the client.

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