Failed to download revocation list - count: 4 in Docker

I am using the official docker container to set up a new ts server and everyone on the server that has a MyTeamspeak account is getting this error when connecting:

<midnight> The TeamSpeak server could not validate your myTeamSpeak ID. Some myTeamSpeak related services are not available.
<midnight> Reconnecting might solve the issue. (it didn't)
<midnight> myTeamSpeak ID is invalid

The client log shows this:

requested new mytsid data

# Yesterday it showed these messsages:
tried to update mytsid data but still valid on myts server side	
do a login to get the mytsid on server side	

successfully downloaded revocation list for accounting	
successfully downloaded revocation list for myteamspeak id

The server logs show this:

failed to download revocation list - count: 4
rejecting myteamspeakid: revoke list out of date
client is connecting with a invalid or revoked myTeamSpeak ID

I do have my backed up SQLite database on the docker container and the server is using it, but I did try removing it and restarting the server to start fresh with a new server, but the same errors occurred.

This has been happening for the past 4 days now, waiting for it to fix itself is no longer an option. Does anyone know a potential solution?

The server must successfully download the latest list to fix that issue.
It should solve itself after some hours.

Your server may not be able to reach or port 443 TCP outgoing is blocked.

Or the time on server system isn’t right.
Or your system is connected over a transparent proxy with HTTPS support and the certificate was rejected.


No outgoing ports are blocked, and I never set up a proxy so that shouldn’t be the problem either.

I checked the time on the container and it is 1 hour behind the time on my host machine, but that’s because the host machine is in BST right now and the container is in UTC. Is that a problem?

Maybe. Try to sync the Time

Im getting ‘temporary error (try again later)’ whenever I try to install something or upgrade the system.

For some reason I can’t change the time with the ‘date’ command and the only other option i could find would require me to install a program, but I am unable to do that for some reason at the moment.