[Feature Request] Display game you are currently playing to friends

I think it would be nice if you could see which game your friends (myTeamSpeak contacts) are currently playing.

The idea is neither posted in the forum nor in the roadmap yet what I am really surprised about.
I edited some screenshots how it could look like.

With / without icon:
screenshot2 - Kopie

You could also add something to the dashboard…

I don’t want that the new TeamSpeak launcher becomes exactly like Discord, but showing which games your friends are currently playing is an essential feature to me.


I hope they’ll add it soon.

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They could add a feature to turn it off in settings.


You didn’t look hard enough. :wink:


It may be handy for some, however if it gets approved then I think that this feature should come post-public release and not take up the beta/full release development time. In my opinion it doesn’t seem to fit as part of the core TeamSpeak functionality.

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i think its nice if they add it :smiley:
but the user decide to visible this to other users or not.


Would really like it, if this could get added to the roadmap!