Feature Request - Pop-up Rules

I think having a dialog box pop-up for your server’s rules is essential. Having a long list of text or a “rule” channel is clutter and looks bad.

The box would appear for new users to “Accept” or “Decline” the server’s rules, if they decline the rules, then they are kicked from the server.

Users of a group, for example, members would not see the box as they are part of a server group or having accepted the rules to begin with.

And finally having an option to place a pop-up “button” for rules in your lobby channel to bring up the server’s rules.


What exactly is this supposed to do?

So that everyone clicks on accept as with terms and conditions? Of course, server rules, if any, should be clearly visible. But to have a pop-up window especially for this reason, which everyone accepts anyway, is pointless. If you display a host message as a window, which explicitly points to your rules, it does no less.

How is this supposed to work if the rules are changed after an indeterminate amount of time? Then there would have to be a function that the rules can be reset, so that all accept the new rules, otherwise in your case the members would be excluded from the new rules.

For that matter, you can link your rules channel in the welcome message, for example, so it’s easy to find.

Please don’t get me wrong. In general, I think the suggestion is good, but as it is now, it is already more or less doable in other ways.

This is a great idea, this cleans up and makes a server more clean and organized. It would be very simple to have mods update the rules and once updated have everyone accept the new rules. Also he said it’s an example of what you can exclude.

I hate posting / creating a rules channel, I think it’s pointless and makes more clutter on an already busy UI.