[Feature Request] TeamSpeak Server Verification

Proposal for verification for larger servers or servers of larger companies. Add server badges for verification or something like that.

but why?

The problem here is that teamspeak has no influence and is not responsible for the server. In that case, teamspeak cannot guarantee complete security.

…also we have already a sponsorship-system. It is not a verification, but you know that teamspeak have checked the owner in the past.

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" What would in general be the benefit of a verified server? A badge?"

Only thing is to verify to that server is official server of some company.

Like,anyone of players can create impersonate server of some “popular” company,and manipulate with clients(scamming and etc.)

If there is some way to verify server and players should know to that server is official server of company.

Its just my opinion :slight_smile: