Feedback and bugs

  1. The active server arrow is bugged. It’s also not enough of an indicator. The entire list item should be highlighted.

  2. I find these tabs annoying. I only have a handful of servers and contacts, and would find this list to be much more useful if it just listed them all at the same time.

  3. The list items are too short and the letters overflow the highlight effect.
    Also, the text contrast levels for the titles are too low.

  4. The channels just don’t look good. The icons are way too big and bright, and are more eye catching than the text. Also, the gradient effect isn’t very good.

  5. The chat bubbles are unnecessary. They are bright with dark text, on a dark theme. This makes them very hard to look at and read in contrast to the rest of the UI.

  6. This header looks like in input.

  7. The contrast levels between text, icons, and background are very straining for the eye.

  8. Font sizes are all over the place. Channel names are tiny, client names are massive and bold.

  9. Off toggles should have the bar be gray as well.

  10. It’s almost impossible to see that “24” is actually an input.

  11. The hex pattern is super intrusive in chat windows.

  12. Overall color and contrast levels are all over the place. The bright colors are very neon, and at the same time some of the text is very washed out and hard to read.

I made my own custom theme that fixes all of these problems. I modified font sizes, font color contrast, and removed intrusive neon colored things that make it difficult to read text. Made active menu items more prominent, and the inactive ones less contrasted so they don’t draw as much attention. Also adjusted padding and list item sizes to feel less crowded.

Here’s a sample of what that looks like for reference:

  1. You can rearange them.
  2. You can remove the gradient in the settings.

I partly agree and have some solutions:

  1. You can either arrange them via drag & drop or disable the tabs at all in the Developer Tools.
    You just have to type Developer Tools in the search bar, hit Enter and disable Hide sidebar tabs.
    That way you switch between groups/servers/contacts via 1-click. You can also rearrange them in this mode, just like when you’ve Hide sidebar tabs enabled.

3.-10. All of these Issues are most likely done by the installed theme and can be customized, like you did in 12. (In your case its a variant of Colorful TeamSpeak, right?)
I also like the text bubbles, but youre also right about the color, especially in dark mode. Though I disagree, that the toggle lines must match the activated state. I think its fine like it is now, but it also depends at the users liking.

  1. I thought it shows some kind of file-Hash? If so it’s definatly a security feature and should stay.
    I also see your point, so maybe the devs can add a toggle switch for this feature in the (developer?) settings mentioned above.

That is not Colorful TeamSpeak, it is his own Theme.
(it may be a customized Version but not the default Version of Colorful TeamSpeak)

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  1. Doesn’t really solve my issue. I don’t have tons of servers and contacts, so I would find this list a lot better if it just showed everything at once.
    EDIT: There actually is such an option! In the dropdown that is enabled with Hide sidebar tabs there is a Pin icon. Click that, and the thing will remain open forever in a single list. Perfect.

3-10. Nope, custom theme I made.

  1. The neon hex pattern in the corner of the screen? A security feature? I doubt it. Anyway, I just hid it away and it’s not glowing with the vengeance of a thousand suns in the corner of my eye anymore.