Fehler bei verbinden mit Twitch

Leider bekomme ich immer diese Fehlermeldung —> We could not connect with Twitch!
wenn ich meinen TS mit meinem Twish verbinden möchte… woran kann das liegen ?
Liegt es daran das MyTeamspek einen anderen Nick hat was mein Twish ??

Unfortunately I always get this error message —> We could not connect with Twitch!
if I want to connect my TS to my Twish … what could be the reason?

Is it because MyTeamspek has a different nick what my twish?

Press F5 and if you see your Twitch username , then everything is fine.


Okay, but I can’t get the icons in the TS either, why?

More details please?

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if my Teamspeak is connected to Twish you should get two icons in the TS … and I don’t get them

two icons?


Die beiden linken … meine ich

Note: Connecting your Twitch account with your myTeamSpeak account may take up to 24 hours. Group assignment upon connecting to a TeamSpeak server may also take a few minutes, depending on how busy Twitch servers are.

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