File Upload locks folder on Windows 10

When i use the upload feature from the ts5 client with the file upload button the client locks the whole folder in which the file is. For example:

I created a temp folder in my Downloads folder for my Channel Banner. After the upload via the upload function the whole folder gets locked until i close ts5 completely. The file upload via drag and drop doesnt work at all btw.

If you need a video or some pictures just let me know

edit: Clearing the file transfer log and notifications doesnt help.

I can confirm the folder deletion.
When uploading a file through the upload button the containing directory remains locked. The file can be deleted, but not the folder it came from.

Drag and Drop is (currently) limited to 5 MB because using it locks the UI.
When uploading a file using DnD you can delete the file and folder as expected.


i didnt even use 5MB for a file. Or 5MB per batch if you upload more than 1 file?

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