Fine-tuning Who Can Join my TS3 Channel

So I am a Community Director of a online community. I have a passworded channel which I want to be able to have these two restrictions:

 1. Only Senior Administrators and above can join the channel without having to type in a password (they have a join power of 60).
 2. And anyone else who types in the correct password can join.

I spent a while tinkering in Channel Permissions and set “b_channel_join_ignore_password” to 60. However the issue is, most staff ranks have the permission “b_channel_join_ignore_password” granted, meaning that they can somehow join my channel even though I set it to 60 for my channel. Is there anyway for me to be able to have it that my channel overrides their ignore password permission so I can accomplish the two goals stated above?


Did you sort out join power on ranks and on channels?

I did initially just set the join power at 60 and set the password too. But the issue I encountered was that people who knew the password but didn’t have the correct join power wouldn’t be able to enter the channel, even after typing the right password.

The issue is that the server group overrides my channel permissions. Is that possible to reverse?