Force TS3 to use a specific network adapter

Hello everyone, I just created an account to post this… been researching the web and everything I tried hasn’t worked.

NOTE: already tried ForceBindIP and NetworkAdapterSelector. They don’t work (at least on my Win10 x64).

I got 2 internet connections, on 2 different NIC’s. Through metrics, I can force EVERYTHING to use one OR the other… but I want TS3 to use one AND my game to use the other one.

Why? you may ask… One connection is my phone’s 4G being shared to the PC via USB (I want the game to run on this to avoid jitter and high ping while playing). The other one is my home’s ADSL, shared with many relatives who are 24/7 using it intensively thus rendering it unusable for online gaming but OK for TS3.

Getting better internet is out of question.

Is there a way to do this? My last resort is installing Virtualbox with a VM only for TS3, and routing all VM’s traffic to my desired internet connection. A bit overkill if you ask me…

EDIT: My 4G is on a very limited plan so I need to minimize traffic through it.

Thanks for your answer. I tried the firewall approach but it didn’t work, TS3 wouldn’t connect even though the private network was up and running (looks like TS3 refuses to use other than the default gateway, even if communication through it is blocked…). I also tried connecting TS3 before enabling my 4G-via-phone connection, but as soon as I enable it TS3 falls back to it (as Windows resource monitor shows on the networking tab).

About static routing, I would need the port numbers TS3 uses (I assume it uses UDP protocol), with that I can try messing around with routing table… though it was something I was trying to avoid.

SOLVED! Thanks FakE for the hint, route command was the way. I could achieve it using route just because I always connect to the same TS3 server (which has a fixed IP) AND my game server is hosted in a different IP.

So I just created a route for TS3 server’s IP through my desired gateway and voilà, it worked!

Additional data to back my request: a 2hr game session of TS3 + game consumes between 200 and 300Mb, while consuming only around 80Mb when it’s just the game.

For anyone interested just google “route add in windows”