Found a bug in TeamSpeak 3-Client

When you put your “Toolbar” from the top to the left side of the client, the text where hyperlinks are displayed is being blocked by the toolbar.

Take a look: TeamSpeak 3 bug - v3.5.2 [Stable] on Windows - YouTube

The host icon is a little bit glitchy because of the theme that i use. But the Hyperlink text is blocked in the default theme too.

My TeamSpeak version is 3.5.2.

I guess the problem is not TS itself but the theme you are using.
For me (using the default one) it works perfectly fine.


Nice catch. It’s indeed glitchy.
For anyone intersted: That bug is not caused by styles, it is only highlighted by those which edit the QMenuBar.
I’d “fix” that on my side, but apparently TeamSpeak ignores pseudo-states when using CSS combinators.

It doesn’t. The tool tip in the status bar is covered by the vertical QToolBar in the default theme as well.

I’d say that this is a TeamSpeak problem. The vertical QToolBar should have the same height as MainWindowServerTabsWidget + MainWindowChatWidget and should end above QStatusBar.

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Yes! However in the video OP posted the icon is not even fully visible in the window. So I guess there are two problems here.

That is exactly what i see when i enable the system-default theme.

That’s right. But i figured out that this is because i use a different theme as the default one. When i’m using the default theme, the icon is being displayed good. When i use the theme that i use all the time, the icon is “out of teamspeak”. So the icon-glitch is not made by teamspeak.