[Giveaway] 2x TeamSpeak5 Beta Testing Code [over]

Hey TeamSpeak enthusiasts,

who’s ready to receive a badge code to join the (closed) BETA of TeamSpeak 5?

:eyes: Let me know if you’re interested by answering this thread below.

Just to be fair, please don’t join the conversation if you have access already.

:triangular_flag_on_post: The gentlemen @TS-Bot will roll the dice if enough users show their interest.

I will start counting down from the first answer until we hit the random number the bot rolls.

:1st_place_medal: The winner will receive a private message including the code.

Our gentle Bot will roll the dice :two: times.
Yes you heared right!

There are now 2 keys to win.

Some rules:

Only the first given answer of any user counts.
2nd, 3rd, 4th … answers will be ignored.

Known users already owning keys will be ignored.

Users can only win 1 key.
If the Bot rolls the first winning number a second time, I will let him roll the dice again.

The contest can end at any time but on wednesday, 25rd march 0:00 (CET) at the latest.

Please respect that the rules can be changed at any time.

:grey_exclamation: Attention, rules have been changed.


Hallo! Um herauszufinden, was ich kann, schreibe @TS-Bot Hilfe anzeigen.

Im ready ! :slight_smile:

Ohh i’m ready too !

I hope I can get it I just learn about the badge system and search my mail to learn I miss TeamSpeak Jedi badge because I didn’t claim it. I hope I can win this running ts servers nearly for a decade.


@TS-Bot Hilfe

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

@TS-Bot Hilfe

Im ready!

Also ready! :slight_smile:


I’ll leave this thread as is as you guys didn’t know, but I don’t want more giveaway threads for codes popping up on here really. If anyone doesn’t have access to the TS beta the best thing to do is to DM me on our Twitter account and I’ll see what I can do :wink:


i dont have twitter, but i really wanna try the TS5 :frowning:

Would like to test this out to compare with discord.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @TS-Bot display help.

Well let’s thank Adam to let this be the first and last (open) giveaway thread! :kissing_heart:

Because of Adam’s decision I will give away 2 keys.

To give some more people the chance to win a key, I will expand the contest till wednesday, 25th march.

Get in now! :v:

Please read the first post of this thread.


I sent you a message @Adam

I am ready to test! :slight_smile:

ready to rumble

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