Giving Friends Teamspeak 5 Beta Keys

Ok so my friend is one of the lucky few that got teamspeak 5 tthrough the May Draw, and he was going to give me a code because a staff member said in a forum that you get more than one code to share with friends, but he can’t find the code anywhere to give me and it isn’t in any of his emails or anything, please help.


Heyo, first of all welcome.

TeamSpeak no longer gives out beta keys, so access is automatically given to your myTeamSpeak account. You just need to check, sign in with your myTS account, and see if you are able to download the client.

Also, check out this forum post that gives some insight into how beta access currently works.


So they don’t give out multiple keys to one person any more to share to friends?

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As everyone can now sign up for beta registrations (as we’ve left this open ongoing), there isn’t the need to give out additional access anymore. What we strongly recommend (for any friends circle or indeed a community) is everyone should sign up on to ensure they gain access to the beta.

If you check out the forum post @SYOX shared with you, this has all the in’s and out’s of the process and where we are so far in relation to this.