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Could we bring back global server text chat. I found this to be a really important part of teamspeak to annouce or type stuff to people global. Its also annoying when somone on ts3 posts something in there and i cannot check it within teamspeak 5.

In progress


what wasn’t in english?

We removed a spammer

Ever since starting to use the TS5 beta, I have been unable to find where server-wide chat messages are in the UI. Does anyone know where to find them? I have been able to find the channel chat messages, but can’t seem to find the server-wide ones.

What is interesting, is that when someone sends a server-wide chat message, I hear the little “ding” sound effect, so the message must be going somewhere… right?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Server chat isn’t shown inside the client and probably won’t be shown in the future. There have been some other posts here from @Adam regarding that if I remember correctly.


Ah, bummer. Any idea the rationale behind that? It is really tough asking my TS3 friends to resend the messages to the channel chat for me and my TS5-using friends.
Also, I don’t seem to be able to load @Adam 's profile at the moment, I will try again later.

Any idea if there is going to be any plans for sending server wide notifications? I would think that would be a requirement for TS5, because how would you communicate with all users on a server (say, from an admin’s perspective)?

Thanks for sharing that! I am fairly new to the new forums, sorry about the repost!

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