Got a ts5 beta key?

will you definitely get the beta tester code from ts5 who you have contacted at the beta? and how long will it take until we get the beta keys?


All your questions will be answered here: Closed beta access




waiting for beta key :slight_smile:

You will not get a key, they will give you the Test Badge directly to your Account, if you have registered at

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it says You’re on the waiting list!

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@Akku14 yes,just look at your mail because you may be lucky enough to get a beta code!

That’s wrong!
You don’t get beta codes via mail. Access to the beta is assigned to the myTeamSpeak account. To see if you got access, you have to check your badges to see if you got the Test badge (Testing_16). If you have it, you can download the client at


yes, my mistake, I messed up the pots :joy:

my registration for the beta code is like dark matter, everyone knows that my registration exists but no one knows where. and so i have been waiting for the activation for months. a jackpot in las vegas is easier to get than unlocking it :rofl:

I’ve been waiting like this for 2 years and nothing

Have you sign3d up again?

yes, but i don’t know if something’s broken.

As long as you have that infamous ”You’re on waiting list” message when logging on, nothing’s broken.

Just need to wait a little more.

I’ve been waiting 2 years and really want to try out Beta and review it and give suggestions. May I have that pleasure? I’m getting tired of Discord. I’ll keep this tab open and check back.

If you are on the waiting list than you definetly get a key. Otherwise you will need to wait i guess.

I‘m really sorry to say that, but teamspeak doesn‘t give codes to anyone. (Doesn‘t matter which reason). I hope that they are going in the open beta asap too, but at the moment we just have to wait for an announcement.

@SYOX maybe found a teaser for something, which could be related with an open beta.

Besides, you can sign up for the closed beta on, but keep in Mind that you won‘t get any e-mail confirming your beta access.
You have to keep an eye on the tweets of the Teamspeak Twitter account to see when they gonna release the next wave. @Five_Alive will keep you Up-to-date!

(To check if you got access, just sign in again at and look if you get to a download page.)

You can also check your access by looking for your badges in the ts3-client or at, but that’s to much effort in my opinion.

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im logging in at twice or more every single day… didnt even get fooled on 1st april :frowning:

It’s unnecessary to visit the beta site every day, just wait for the next key wave, and maybe you are one of the lucky people who get a key.