Got a ts5 beta key?

me too

Hey Guys,
is there any way to force to get the beta access more quickly?
It still says “Please check your badge list from to time…”
I am on Linux and Teamspeak 3 depends on qtwebengine that is my last python2 (dead - EOL - security risk) dependency on my system and obviously i like to purge python2.
How long have you guys waited to get beta access?
If it takes weeks/months to get beta access i think i have to switch to discord even if i dont like discord that much.
Thanks for your answer

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Well, you can download the TS5 client without beta access here. Then you won’t have access to the global messaging, but you can connect to TeamSpeak as usual.

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Hi Cornelius,
Thanks for your answer.
If i understand you right, i should be able to use Teamspeak5 without “Beta Tester badge” on my Account?
I donwloaded TS5 before i got registered here and after starting TS5 its aksing directly for username and password. After putting in My Username and my Password, i get directly this Message:

“You need the Beta Tester badge on you account to use TeamSpeak
Enter a valid badge code to gain access”

So looks like i am not able to use Teamspeak5 to connect to Teamspeak servers without a beta key.
Or did i understand anything wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hello, once connected to your MyTeamSpeak account on TS5 when it asks you for a badge you can click at the bottom left contiune with the basic functionalities (Limited)

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I downloaded the open beta via the homepage, now I want to install it and the installer requests a “Beta Tester badge code” for full access. How can I get one?

Thanks a lot