Group Based Join Permission

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if it is possible to setup the permissions like this:

Assume we have 3 different kinds of groups.
a, b and c

I want a channel, with sub channel for each group that one said groups and Admins can join.
I know i could do something along the lines of

join permission for
a = 20
b = 30
c = 40

and therefore A couldn’t join any channel but their own, but B could join their own and also A’s channels.

I hope you get my intent. - Looking forward to suggesttions :smiley:

That’s a simple use ot the Teamspeak permission, just put that values in join_power and needed_join_power accordingly

I could do this, with simple Permissions.
Group A, B, C each got join power 30

Each Channel CA, CB, CC needs join power 30.

Now everybody with either A, B or C as a group can join any of the 3 channels - not what i want.

Another Option is do

Join Powers:
A 20
B 30
C 40

And Channels needed Join Power accordingly:
CA 20
CB 30
CC 40

Now A can only join channel CA which is what i want.
But B can join CA AND CB which isn’t supposed to be like this.
And C … well you get the gist…

I want Group A to be only able to Join CA
B to join CB
and C to join CC

I don’t see how this could be done by “simple use ot the Teamspeak permission, just put that values in join_power and needed_join_power” - maybe i am missing something and I’ll need an explanation for the slower people :slight_smile:

Just for reference:

This post and posts inside the thread are including examples how to use channel groups to manage the behavior you’re looking for.

This should also help to understand channel permissions and the permission layers a bit more.

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