GUI is so out of date

I been using TS3 a while now and I´ve installed Windows 11 and got the TS5 client.
Not sure what the goal is, but I guess TeamSpeak want to be a good alternative to Discord.

I think a total remake of the GUI is one step and a MUST thing to do. It is clearly an out of date design stuck in the early 2000 with color.
Finding settings and how to disconnect is very confusing and hard to find where to click.

My choice is easy, I chose Discord on any day!

TS5 needs to be just as user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative as discord is or TeamSpeak will sadly slip deeper into irrelevance I agree with everything you’re saying though I do not enjoy using discord that being said.

Discord may be more visually pleasing but absolutely not better in using the app. Discord have lots of complicated and useless features that most of the time complicate lots of stuff and sadly TeamSpeak 5 do most simillar way. Lots of clicks, useless and no possible to hide panels, no chat and servers tabs and lots and lots confusing and not friendly to use stuff.
I better hope for some kind of legacy GUI after TS5 will come out and hope that TS5 will come out as late as possible.