Help Error connecting to server

I can connect to all the servers except a specific server, switch from the internet to mobile data, for example, and it lets me connect to that client, but not with my home internet. Error connecting to server

  • Check your firewall and make sure it doesn’t block TeamSpeak at all.
  • Check your security software to make sure it doesn’t block any ports or protocols (some like to block UDP traffic which is essential for TeamSpeak)
  • Check your router and search for any firewall, SPI Firewall, DDoS Protection, Flood Protection or similar and disable those option
  • Occasionally it helped to disable “UDP Checksum Offload” for the network card. On Windows this can be found in the device manager, properties of the network adapter under the advanced tab.

Anyway can you post your TeamSpeak 3 Client Log please. :slight_smile:

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