HELP, i cant hear anyone but everyone can hear me

I have the rpoblem thta every ingame can hear me but whatever i do i cant hear anyone??? BUT when i try the test sound i hear the woman??? please help me…

Sounds like the output mode for TS3 is not using the default sound device for the playback

  1. In TS3 go to the Settings → options menu
  2. in the options window select the playback pane
  3. click the play test sound button
  4. If you have sound your done
  5. Select the Playback device dropdown and select another device
  6. click apply
  7. return to step 3 unless all devices have been tried.

Make sure that in Self → playback profile the correct profile is checked.

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Got it fix for my Clan but still don’t hear anything. I repaired my Razer Nari Ultimate headset and mic. And still no sound. I can hear in WoT ound and youtube vids but nothing in TS. any staff know what up?

Make sure, that you have selected the correct playback device.

If you have set up the profile correctly, please connect to your TeamSpeak server and also choose the correct playback profile.


TY that did it

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