Help Needed....New user of Teamspeak 3

I am a new user of TS3, and after some advice as to what I am doing wrong. i can connect to my friends server, I can hear my friend , but I can not talk to him. I have gone onto Tools, Options, Capture, begin test, which picks up the microphone perfectly. I have tried changing the capture device and the playback device, but with no luck. I have also tried Voice Activity Detection, Push-to-talk and continuous transmission, again with no luck. I must be doing something wrong somewhere but don’t know what it is…

Can you check for this icon:
If this shows it means you are not allowed to talk in the current channel and first need either talk power or a server group with the permission.

Thanks for the reply…the server is my own server, so would i not already have talk power and permission

@Sparkie1971 Welcome to TeamSpeak! :stuck_out_tongue: