Help with the ts3 server

I have a problem, when I downloaded the server and I go, it forfeited, entered inom column and I can not give myself the operator and if I download again, it does not work, I count on help

Not quite sure what exactly the problem is. When you create a server you receive two things.

  • login data for the admin server query account
  • a token

When you connect to the server and the token has not been used yet TeamSpeak tell you that you can enter the token. When you do so you will receive Server Admin.

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but I think I lost this token because kal pops up this white tables at the bottom is the code I go to ts3 and enter localhosting or something and I have tables to paste that but I forfeited I turned off the tables and did not copy them and if I try to install and do everything again, I write

I can’t possibly figure out what ever this text should tell me.
I can however tell you that the privilege key should be part of the first created log.

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If you were willing to post what you meant in Polish, this would be helpful cause probably I think I would be able to translate it more accurately than Google Translate.

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