High Memory Usage

Hey, my Client is consuming over 3 Gigabyte of Ram.

Is there any method to debug, which function does generate such big heap?

Is there any buffer which didn’t get cleared?

The Client is only 8 days online.

I even see that it was using 5 GB, but Windows already has disabled a part of TS5.

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That is your problem, i never had above 300 MB

There was high memory usage a long time ago, but it has been fixed.
I tried many things, but the maximum ram usage was ~300-400MB.
I couldn’t reproduce it.

I think this problem is a 1% problem, I dont know who leaves his client online for 8 days…

The highest I had was 600-700MB and because of that you were online on a server for 8 days & regularly joined users with avatars etc & were in the chat.

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