Homebrew: External downloads are prohibited

I normally download all of my software with the package manager “Homebrew” for macOS. Normally I could just install the TeamSpeak-Client with a simple command. I tried that yesterday and failed. After a little bit of digging I found out, that TeamSpeak was removed from the Homebrew-Repository, because on the website it says that external downloads are prohibited.

Here is the Pull-Request from Homebrew on GitHub regarding the remove of TeamSpeak.: teamspeak-client: remove by miccal · Pull Request #98314 · Homebrew/homebrew-cask · GitHub

My question would be, why was this done? This would also affect package-managers for example under Linux or am I wrong here?

That’s a question you need to ask the author/owner of Homebrew.
We did not change or remove anything. The only thing we can thing of is that linking to external downloads are prohibited.

If the author/owner got a problem then he needs to get in touch with us.


Yea, so sorry for that. I was on a wrong path with the last version of the post here. I missed on important detail.

What I actually wanted to know with the question is why the rule with the prohibition of external download was introduced.

Doesn’t this rule prevent the access of package managers on Linux to download TeamSpeak? If so, why?

are there any updates to his?

Answer is given on TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak below the downloads.
That’s all i can say as tech support.