Hostname feature

Dear TeamSpeak Developers!

I’m hosting a TeamSpeak server since 10 years for now. At time to time, I always redeployed my server somewhere else, so the IP address of the server changes over time, but the domain i used is not. Some users still using the actual IP of the server instead of the announced domain we prefer.

So i would like to have a feature in TeamSpeak (client and server side also), which is acting like a hostname in webservers configuration, and a host field from the client side in web browsers. Basically I like to know who using the preferred hostname to connect on the server, from the client info. It would be great!

I think a plus client info field from the client to the server is not a hard thing to implement, but makes my things easyer.

My questions is, a feature like this is planned to develop or maybe in the future?

Thank You!

When user only know the domain then 99% will use the one you offer.

Add a Modal Host message (Not ModalQuit!!!) and announce that anyone must use the domain in future.
So people are informed and you do not have to care next time.