Hotkey + Virpil Mongoos T-50 TCS + Gamepad add on?

I’m trying to create a hotkey for my Virpil throttle for PTT, however when I try and
select a hotkey it picks the button i press, but waits until a second key is pressed, and records
it as a combo.

Is there a config file i can go edit and remove the second key, or some way of making it know this hotkey is only a single key?

I have another key set for my mouse, and it knew it was a single key…

Thanks in advance.

TS 3.5.1
Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support V 1.2

Mapping a key on my TCS worked in earlier versions, just 3.5.1, and maybe 3.5.0, they where only a few days between updates… is there someplace i can download a copy of 3.4.x ?

There wasn’t any 3.4.x version. From 3.3.2 it went straight to 3.5.0.

video showing single key not accepted

Same issue I’m having… I’m guessing you are on an AMD CPU?

This is still a problem…

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