How to connect all versions clinet of teamspeak version 3.12.1

How to connect all versions clinet of teamspeak version 3.12.1؟؟؟

please help؟؟؟

My problem is that
Older version of the client
They can’t access my server

Is there a way for the old version to connect to my server?
do not update version


As far as I remember, from 3.11 it’s mandated to use some client version and trying to use older ones will result in this problem even after changing settings mentioned by @FakE .

BTW, if I’m wrong, have you changed these settings accurately? Maybe post what you changed just in case you messed something up.

Also, why not just update client?

I don’t have all my old clients
And this error has created problems
And my users can’t update
Because some people are on the game net and can’t
Please fix this problem

For many, updating is difficult, and I don’t know why this is the case,
In counterfeit cases, this problem is solved and manipulated
There is this problem in the original versions
And we’re losing a lot of users
Please explain if there is a way

Many have been able to solve this problem
But I can’t
If you know, help me use it too

To answer the original asked question:
You can not connect with any client with version 3.3.0 or below. This can not be changed by any setting.

If client updates fail download the installer and install the update that way.

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