How to create script php "user online/offline"

how to make a php script so that the website says whether the user is online or offline

Take a look in here: WebQuery discussion/help (3.12.0 onwards)

You can use the WebQuery API to send requests to your TeamSpeak server with PHP.

Required steps:

  • request the client list with the serverquery command clientlist
  • request the client details for each client ID with clientinfo
  • search for the client UID or myTeamSpeak ID for example to identify the client you’re searching for
  • if he’s found in the list he’s of course online and if not offline

You can save his last status in a file or database for example to ensure fast response timings if someone reloads your website.

You will have to set up a task/cronjob to run this script every X time, for example each minute.

Details about the API can found in the mentioned thread.
Details for the mentioned commands can be found in the serverquery documentation.

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