How to get new recovery key after password-change and new login to client?

the recovery key is really annoying.

i didn’t mind losing my data, so i checked the “i got the recovery key”-box, changed password, logged on again. now i read further down i wasn’t supposed to have a key, but to create one first. then why not tell me on the password-change dialogue, but somewhere in the forum? well, thats done.

now i am logged in with the new password, not even mad about losing data, just looking to get a new recovery key because that’s got to be possible, i thought. but eff me in th a it isn’t. now it’s greyed out. so once you “cut your losses”, your banned from the kingdom it seems.

nevermind answering me, i will just create a new account. but its stupid. it really is. i hope this is a transitioning problem and with a new account its less enigmatic what to do.
effing discord is hiding in the bushes and your users have to put up with this sheit.

welp, thanks for a cool product anyway, i guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off you did not just change your password. You did reset the password and this is why you need the recovery key. With a simple password change that would not be required.

You have to re-encrypt your account before you get a new key.
This can be done via Fallback in TS3 by clicking on the notification about encryption or the exclamation mark on the bottom of the client.

In TS5 you can not miss the dialog. and choose to Recover without key.

And then you get a new key and you get access again to request a new one and just the delete the one you got before.


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how to get a new recovery key , if i lost the other one can i apply for it? please i need this fast

You can’t just get a new key.

You must use Fallback first.

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