How to setup avatar on this forum

Hello! Im new on this forum. I want to see how i can setup my avatar when i don’t have the TS5 app.

I can’t put my avatar on any sites.

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Sorry… but at the Moment there is no other Way i think. You can only do this, if you have the All New TeamSpeak.


Okay. But is still planned to add this into TS Services? TS3 Can have this benefits if they add backport compatibility?

I was getting crazy trying to figure it out… Just changed it on the TS5 app, will see how long it takes to update.


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How to change Profile Picture in Forum?

sometimes you have to log out briefly and log in again so that the pp is updated

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try to logout and re-login

Idk. I searched for “Forum” and there was then only the international forum

But where can I change it at all. In the settings I find only options for banners. Thanks

you can only change ur profile picture if u have teamspeak 5. Because you change this on the client.
EDIT: or gravatar, idk if that also works.

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Ok, its very stupid but okay. Thanks. I think i have to wait.