I am having problems (Solved)

Hey i am having issues with my TS server i can join with my ipv4 but that is a private network so my domain company cant put a private IP in my Domain Ragemalik.com i cant use my public ip to join my TeamSpeak What can i do? this is the ip would you mind testing it from a different IP? Please tell me if it works and how i can impliment my public ip for my TeamSpeak server

image IS that all i need to do? I am also on windows 10 64bit


Sorry i did not know that i also dont have another server but i dont know which is it i dont want to delete the right one i have just tried to use my public ip and it did not work

and sorry i need to do another post because i keep on pressing reply to the thread instead to you and i think it will not give you a notification if i did not reply to you.

Sorry about that

Do I do this in the inbound and outbound rules in the firewall? Or do I need to access my WIFI settings? I have added the rules for the outbound and inbound if that’s what you are talking about

I am currently doing that 1min

i have now done that is this all?

Thank you sooo much! it worked!!!

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I have one more question if you would mind answering

I have roles (server groups) so i have a YT group the join power is higher than the Clan group so people with the YT role can join the Clan VC because YT has a higher Join power

is there a way the YT rank cant join Clan even though the join power on the channel is set to a lower leven then the YT ranks join power? @FakE