I can't find my server

I can’t find my server in the server list so why is something not turned on? or something wrong?

use the search…
The Serverlist only lists 100 random servers that match the current set of filters. If yours is not with them you need to filter more. And make sure, your server has “Report to Server List” checked.

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i tried all that and can’t find it and Enable reporting to server list is turned on or there is a check mark in the cube.

The server name is otherwise: HOMEDAY.TF Magyarország Szerverközössége

Next question is “have you port forwarded and opened the needed port for the weblist?”
And then “Have you waited more than 10 minutes after server was started?”

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yes port 10011 and voice port 9987 and my server is going for over a day and I do not understand did you pass the port and open the required port for the web list?

None of these ports are related to your problem. Please open and read the website i did post.

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I read it just don’t really understand: /