I want to buy the license

Hi, I’ve been after some teamspeak 3 licensed sellers in Brazil, almost all of them stopped selling and I can’t find a reliable way to get teamspeak 3 license.

I really want to sell slots correctly without using tea*speak

please release the original license to hire i will pay everything right, i have many interested customers.

release the license please.


Hi @swiftcarder

Please contact the Sales Support for this. Here in the Forum, we cant help you.

Follow this Link: TeamSpeak 3 Licensing | TeamSpeak

Thank you.


Hi, I want to buy a license. But because unfortunately I live in Iran. I’m afraid that team speak will block us after purchasing our license due to sanctions. Will this happen?
I had another question, are the licenses valid for 1 year?

Maybe the sales department can help you via TeamSpeak support. For this you create a support ticket with the subject „Sales & Licensing“.
The duration of a license can vary from license to license or depend on the price.