Ich habe auf mein ts5 beta server kein server owner mehr

guten tag unzwar habe ich das problem das ich meine haupt identität ausversehen gelöscht habe und daher habe ich auf mein ts5 beta server kein server owner mehr mein freund hat zwar admin rang, er wirde mir auch owner geben aber es geht nicht ich hoffe das mir jemand von teamspeak owner geben kann


This is the way!



good day I have the problem that I accidentally deleted my main identity and therefore I have no server owner on my ts5 beta server anymore my friend has admin rank, he will also give me owner but it does not work I hope that someone by teamspeak owner

Third, why have you deleted previous topic when this one is literally the same? It was only matter of time to get an answer.

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then let them translate it xD why I

Well, as stated in post I quoted, forum’s primary language is English. It’s in your way to write in English or translate it via some translator (eg. Google Translate) and then post it.

It’s just a rule made by TeamSpeak themselves, as not everyone in their company knows German (see American branch of TeamSpeak).

yes great i can translate that too, but my problem is that i have no owner on the ts5 server anymore

Please contact Support and give your account uuid - can’t help you in the forum with this one as it’s an account concern!