IDEA: BF6 with TS5 integrated

Sorry is just a dumb idea but I just wanted to post something.

So, I don’t know if Battlefield 6 is gonna be a great game, however I guess that a lot of people will buy it 'cause is gonna be a modern shooter (I think).
A little bit of a backstory if you didn’t know, BFV kinda died at the first months and now is being surpassed by another game not so cool but just famous. (BF5 devs fault in the end)
So imagine if this two (BF6 and TS5) came together in some sort of package in Nov 2021, when BF6 is supposedly gonna be released. It could be something that rises both. It could come with the free final version of TS5 and have some sort of advertising in trailers, or it could be like “If you buy the game within the first month and you get to level 20, you get a code to the closed beta” (if is yet not finished). Or it could come with an integrated in-game voice developed by the Teamspeak devs. Or, it could have an integrated fully functional not laggy Teamspeak overlay.
If the multiplayer version of BF3 is Remastered and comes out, I’m spending my whole holidays playing it, and probably a lot of people will do. The TS team could even secretly ask EA when this games’s gonna be released, and then work in the shadows with them, trying to release TS5 at the same that BF3 Remastered, maybe at the same time that BF6 (I don’t think so), maybe in 2022, who knows.
My point is, TS5 devs could do something. Or is my idea just toooo dumb and it will destroy the TS company because in that case they would be dealing with a greedy company like EA that could pull some sort of surprise mechanics into them? Yeah, that kinda explains everything. You know what, forget it.
Thanks for your time btw

Soo you dont understand how software development works :confused:
Is done when it is done and not timed for the relase date of other products.
I would add that the latter is also unnecessary becouse this two is does not depend on each other.
PS: battlefield games multi is dead aftver bf1, just check the servers … :confused: