Idea for the new ts or server. [EN], [FR]

I submit to you an idea but it seems to me that discord proposes it.
in short if the idea has already been proposed sorry in advance!

the idea is that when we give a server group to a user it is the rights on the channel or channels that were assigned to this group automatically example:

the rights of Group A
channel 1 A (access)
channel 2 A (access)
channel 3 B (non-access)

Group B rights
channel 1 A (non-access)
channel 2 A (non-access)
channel 1 B (access)

I don’t know if you understand, but here’s the idea

Je vous soumets à une idée mais il me semble que discord le propose.
bref si l’idée a déjà été proposer désolé d’avance !

l’idée est que quand on donne un groupe serveur à un utilisateur il est les droits sur le ou les canaux qui ont été assigner à ce groupe automatiquement exemple :

les droits du groupe A
canal 1 A (accès)
canal 2 A (accès)
canal 3 B (non-accès)

les droits du groupe B
canal 1 A (non-accès)
canal 2 A (non-accès)
canal 3 B (accès)

je sais pas si vous avez compris mais voilà l’idée

So, basically, you want channel access depending on server groups, am I right?

If you have Server Groups A, B, C, D and E, group A can access only channels A, group B only B, C only C, D only D and E none of them, unless it’s Admin or someone else from Administration. Is that what you meant?

P.S. You don’t need to create topic when you want to propose new feature, as you can create a post here.

Nice day/night/whatever.

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I really like this idea! It gets discussed (at least in the community) every once in a while.
The only problem is that this defeats the complete hierarchy based permission system of TeamSpeak.
So even though there is a huge part of the community requesting this I don’t think this will be implemented any time soon if at all.

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I can tell that is possible since ages and topic is as old since we released the server.

You just need one of the"Channel Group with join power":+1:

How to restrict a channel so that Clan A only can join, subscribe etc in Channel A but not in Channel B

This must be done via Channel Groups. It’s not possible via Serer groups.

1.1 Create Channel A and B
1.2 Set all needed permissions (join, subscribe etc.) with one value into both channels. Use the same values for Channel A and B to get the best result.

2.1 Create 1 new channel group or use an existing channel group
2.2 Set the permissions you need (join, subscribe etc) with same value into this channel group.

3.1 Assign this channel group to Clan A members in channel A
3.2 Assign this channel group to Clan B members in channel B

Done > Now only clan A can join etc channel A and clan B only can do this for channel B


Thank you for your response and thank you for the subject of the new feature.

thank you for your reply