Ideas for TeamSpeak 5 (Reworked)

For the Plugins I already had a few ideas.

  • For the Design Addons it would be nice if there was in Appearance/Theme an extra tab next to “Dark|Light” > “Dark|Light|Design Name” that pops up if you downloaded a new design.

  • For the Plugins It would be nice if there was a tab in settings where you can browse them again. Then when you downloaded them why not add an extendable tab next to the AFK button in the top left corner? Or put a Plugin icon next to “Servers|Contacts|Rooms|Chat History|(Plugins)”

  • Another idea for the “status” feature I thought of is, that it stops clearing/resetting itself every time I start Teamspeak 5 up again, as well the status I set, like “do not disturb” that that stays when I restart Teamspeak 5.