Improvement of customer logs

Hello team, I have a improvement TS3 & TS5 client regarding the log.

You created the pseudonyms (MyTeamSpeak), I opted for this option to avoid giving the IP address and to be able to create several pseudonyms and deactivate it when I no longer need them, the problem by going to the log people can find the IP address of the server, can you improve the logs when someone connects with a nickname that is not marked IP but the nickname?


This is not how a network connection works.
A User will always get the IP if he wants to and when there is no Proxy in between.

We are not going to remove the logging for technical support. And if we would people still easily could find what IP a software is connected to.

You want to hide the IP then a proxy is what (could be that there are additional ways (@anyone feel free to comment this).

We had such discussion in old forum.

The server nickname is not to hide anything.
It’s an additional way to tell people how they can connect without the need an own DNS address.