Improvement suggestion: keep channel view tab after switching channel

There are currently two “types of information” you can see about a channel:

  1. the general channel information (description, user count, …)
  2. file transfer tab

=> image

When switching to a different channel, you see the first “info” tab by default.
If you switched to file transfer before, you see the file transfer tab again.
=> The tab state is saved for every channel individually.

The problem is: If I am searching all channels for a file, I have to click on the file transfer tab after switching the channel, for every single channel.

Keeping the tab, either by default or by enabling it in an option, would improve the user experience.

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What about a option like ”Remember the state of recently opened channel info tab” available in settings?

If you leave it off (by default), every time you change channels, information tab shows. If you turn it on, either tab you choose, that tab will stay open while changing channels.