Initiate .ini file and use it when starting ts3 server on windows

Hi, that the first time I need to host two TS3 server on a windows machine and I can’t figure how to I initiate and use this famous .ini file with windows cmd or a simple batch file.

I can’t found any resources about this on this forum. Internet lake always some information that doesn’t help me to do what i want.

My goal is just to change every port on the new TS server.

Thank’s in advance !

You can create multiple virtual servers on one TeamSpeak Server. I can recommend YaTQA or just use the Server Query commands.

Note: without a license you are not allowed to run multiple Servers on one machine. You need a license in order to run multiple instances of your TeamSpeak Server.

How to use the .ini file:

Hi, thank for your reply.

I have teamspeak licence that not the problem. For other reason I really need to get two very separated TS server. That is why I asked to change all port the new ts server.

I also can run ts server on docker and change these ports easly but I can’t figure how to copy existing server structure (like channels and perms).

There are my two options.

I know how to use ini file but can’t figure how to initiate it and use it (in command when starting ts server)

To copy channels, permissions and settings you can do a server snapshot easily with YaTQA and load it onto the new server or by using the query commands

To create the ini file start the server with parameter createinifile=1 and you will fine a ts3server.ini in server folder.

Thx, I will give a try to YaTQA, for the creation of the ini file with the parameter createinifile=1 then tell me what is the command in windows because this command :

start mypath\ts3server.exe createinifile=1

start TS server and crash it instantly and doesn’t generate this file.
I also tryed to get a ini file from internet and put the default value on it and just changed the vocal port. When starting the server with these commands :

start mypath\ts3server.exe inifile=mypath\ts3server.ini
start mypath\ts3server.exe inifile=ts3server.ini

it does nothing and use the default vocal port.

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You can not change the voice ports with any start parameter when server database was created already. Only with a blank database the first created server can be set for a default voice port.

But you better change it afterwards if it’s only one server instance.