Is it possible for people to get their IPs grabbed (like Skype) in the new TS Beta?

Ik that programs like Skype and some other programs have had some problems with people getting their IPs grabbed and some other personal information. I have 2 questions.

Does Skype’s problem with privacy invasion has to do with it being p2p?


Is the new TS going to have the same problems?

Please don’t be scarred of following :smiley:
In short: there will always be ways to get your IP but not anyone can get it easily.

Why? You are connecting to server hosted by someone. And someone and mostly the admin of servers can see IP’s.

But in 99,9% other users are not the host or admin of servers and without any interaction from you they can not see any IP. In that case only the server knows the IP and just forwards information needed for the client.