ISP issues and connection lag?

So I’ve recently moved across the country and found that my new connection seems to be lagging. I’m using the same server, and the lag seems to be going in and out. Both connections were handled by Spectrum, and it seems to only be upload issues. My housemate and I can hear everyone perfectly, and hear each other perfectly, but everyone not on LAN hears the whole server robot out. So my housemate and I can use it, but the whole server keeps wanting to switch over to discord whenever it happens, so must be pretty bad.

Running a simple speed test, I’ve got 70mb down and 25mb up, and it seems to be dependant on time of day. Peak hours seem to make things worse somehow. Any idea how I could fix this? I’ve got a decent speed package and it really doesn’t sit well with me to think that Spectrum is just a shitty company and I’m never going to able to get rid of this lag. For the record, this will occasionally translate into games as well.

If it

then firstly contact your ISP and describe them your problems. It’s the quickest solution and probably the easiest one.

Additionally you can check your router settings if everything looks OK, but if you’re not familiar with it, don’t change a single thing cause you may have more problems after that.

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